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    Age Requirements

  • Lobe Piercings       5 yrs old and up.

  • Noses, Navels, and all Cartilage piercings are 15 and up.

  • Tongue piercings are 16 and up.

  • Nipples and Genitalia 18 and up.

   Identification Requirements

   If your last names are different or you are a legal guardian. You may need to bring divorce papers, marriage certificate or guardianship papers to prove relationship, legal or custodial rights. Contact us if you have any questions about documentation requirements.

   Lobe Piercings

  • Childs birth certificate ( It must be present the day and time of the piercing. It also must be the original or travel size version. We do not accept copies or pictures)

  • Parents or legal guardian's ID (Drivers License or State issued ID)

   Most Other Piercings​

  • Minors birth certificate and a photo ID for the minor ( It can be School or State).

  • Parent or legal guardian's ID ( drivers license or state ID ).

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